12 Operation Steps of Vacuum Emulsification Machine

KOS vacuum emulsification machine is widely used in cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and paint industry etc. Our vacuum emulsifying equipment equipped with heating & cooling system which simplifies the processing. Within this same equipment, you can do from heating-melting-emulsifying-air bubble reduction (by vacuum)-cooling without changing vessels, it saves lot of labor and time for your production. Regarding operation steps are as follows. Hope it will help you to operate it.
Emulsification Machine

Step 1: Turning the heat button on to preheat the pot;
Step 2: Check whether all valves of the vacuum emulsification machine are closed or not. Intake valves of the other two devices should be closed when heating one device;
Step 3: Switching on to preheat the water pot and oil pot. Before heating, please open the outlet valve and then intake valve;
Step 4: When heated it to about 50℃, turn on agitation to accelerate warming; When the temperature is reached to needed one, agitate it again to achieve temperature uniformity;
Step 5: Heat the emulsifying pot when the temperature in the water and oil pot reaching 60℃. Close the intake valve and outlet valve of vacuum emulsifying machine and then open the heating valve before heating the emulsifying machine;
Step 6: When the temperature in the emulsifying pot reaches temperature degree that process required, close all valves of emulsifying pot and vacuumize it. Before vacuumizing, first press the vacuum button on the panel and then the upside ball valve;
Step 7: Only when the vacuum pressure reaches above 0.2MPA can it be pumped material. After finishing pumping material, close the valve. Stop vacuuming when pressure reaches 0.4 MPA;
Step 8: Open the emulsifying pot and agitate it;
Step 9: When the temperature of emulsifying pot reaches one process required, after setting the homogenizer relay time and press the homogenizer button and adjust the speed, homogenizing the emulsification pot;
Step 10: After homogenizing the emulsification pot, open the discharging valve and then intake valve, cooling the emulsification pot;
Step 11: Switch off the agitation button when declining the needed temperature, and discharging the vacuum;
Step 12: Remove the pot cover and scrape remaining material on the agitator blade, shake the crank below to let the pot down in order to discharge material;
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