11 Tips for Safely Operating KOS High Shear Emulsifying Machine

Recently,high shear mixer have come into their own with huge potential market, powerful functions and high work efficiency. They help to resolve defects of traditional techniques such as big investment, tedious processes and low product quality. Therefore, not only do such machines create more economic benefit for enterprises, but also they accelerate enterprises’ rapid expansion.

KOS High Shear Emulsifier is composed of one set or several sets of rotor and stator rotating at high speed. The rotor absorbs materials into its cavity. Under strong shear and dispersion, the materials are forced through the gap between the stator and rotor to be thrown out of the stator hole or slot. Because of the power generated by the stator and rotor, single and macromolecular materials are promoted to dissolute and the materials are turbulent in the gap, resulting in good distribution of particles or liquid particles to have the materials thoroughly refined, homogenized, dispersed and sheared.
high shear emulsifying machines

As a device for large-scale application, we still need to pay more attention to the emulsifying machine in the operation. Here are some tips.

1. The ground wire is reliably grounded to ensure electrical safety.

2. The homogenizer head rotates at very high speed, so it is not allowed to run in an empty state in order to avoid the effect of partial heating on sealing.

3. To look down from the top, the homogenizer and the emulsifying tank are reversed while the agitating blade run clockwise. After motor wiring or when the machine is restarted without working for a long time, we should give it a test run by inching. Operate the homogenizer after confirmation.

4. Every time before stirring, the wall scraper should be checked by inching. If there is something wrong, please solve the problem at once.

5. Before stirring and vacuum-pumping, we should carefully check whether the tank is matched perfectly with the cover or not and whether the lid covers tightly or not. Reliable sealing is very necessary.

6. Before the vacuum emulsifier is shut down, the ball valve in front of the vacuum pump should be closed first.

7. Only when the homogenizer tank is sealed can the vacuum pump be started. If there is a special need to open the air pump, it is not allowed to run more than 3 minutes.

8. The power supply should be totally cut off before cleaning or maintenance.

9. During the operation, hands should not be extended into the kettle to avoid accidents.

10. If there is any abnormal sound in the course of operation, the emulsifying machine should be immediately stopped. It cannot be switched on until the reason is clear.

11. The machine should be checked on a regular basis for the lubricating oil and grease in each part and bearing. We should replace the clean lubricating oil and grease in time.

In a word, we should follow the operation tips for better performance of KOS Emulsifier. If you want to know more about us, please visit www.emulsifyingmixer.com.

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