10 Tips for Proper Use and Maintenance of Tablet Press

The correct use and proper operation can help prolong the service life of the tablet machine so it can bring out its best performance. Some malfunctions that occur during use are caused by improper operation or late maintenance.

There are many things we need to keep in mind when using the tablet press machine. The following aspects should be paid attention to:

(1) The operator should first read the operation instructions and specifications of the tablet press and get to know its performance and the use of the control section.

(2) The punch die must be strictly inspected before normal use. There must be no defects such as cracks, chipped edge and deformation. The tightness should be proper after installation. If the die is defective, please do not use it, so as not to damage the equipment.

(3) Granular material is an important factor that relates to the smooth tabletting. The quality of the granules should be controlled according to the process requirements. Otherwise, the quality of the tablet will be affected and the normal operation of the machine will also be affected.

(4) Tabletting speed has an effect on the quality of the tablet and the life of the tablet press machine. Generally, slow speed is chosen for the large diameter tablets or materials that are difficult to shape, and fast speed is chosen for small tablets that are shaped easily.

(5) The upper punch and the lower punch should avoid collision so the tablets will not be out of shape.

(6) Do not disassemble the parts on the tablet machine at random. If the machine is found to have large vibration or abnormal sound during use, stop the machine immediately. Restart it after the malfunction is removed.

(7) It is suggested that the tabletting chamber should be cleared regularly. The adhesion of some fine powders on the punching rod, the punch hole and the middle die hole will cause blocks and make it inflexible for the rod to rotate, which affects the normal operation of the equipment.

(8) Regular inspection and maintenance of wear-out parts are important, such as rail guides, pressure roller, bridge plate and die, to prevent bad performance of the whole machine resulting from damaged individual parts.

(9) Tabletting speed should be reduced (< 10 r/min) before shutting down the machine.

(10) Regular oil refill and maintenance are required according to the instructions.


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