10 Advantages of Powder Packaging Machine


Powder packaging machine is ideal for low viscosity powder material such as milk powder, coagulant, soybean milk powder, oatmeal and coffer etc. There are many kinds of classification methods about powder packaging machine, mainly according to mechanical automation classification, powder packaging products and functional classification. Based on its functions, it can be divided into filling machine, packaging machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, dryer, sterilization machine and multi-functional powder packaging machines etc. Powder packaging machine realizes the professionalization in production, improves production efficiency and. For instance, production efficiency of milk powder filling machine can reach 7 tons per hour. Furthermore, it reduces labor intensity and improves working conditions, which saves raw material and protects environment. Currently, it plays a more and more important role in machinery industry, maybe because it has many following advantages. .

  • Powder packaging machinery is widely used in the chemical industry, foodstuff industry,subsidiary agricultural products industry. For instance, milk powder, starch, pesticides, premix, additives, spices, enzymes and fodder etc.
  • Powder packaging machine is suitable for quantitative powder packaging of all kinds of container such as bags cans and bottles.
  • Powder packaging machine is an integrationof motor, electricity, light and device, which is controlled by single chip. It is able to automatically quantitative pack, fill and adjust values of measuring error.
  • Fast packing speed: it adopts spiral style of lay-offand optical controlled technology.
  • High accuracy: it employs stepping motor and electronics weighting technology.
  • Wide range of packing: the same quantitative packaging (5-5000g) can be continually adjustedby electronic balance and replacement of different specs of spiral.
  • Wide range of application: suitablefor all powder material with certain degree of flow.
  • It can be automatically tracked and amended when error caused by material proportion and material level occurs.
  • It is controlled by optoelectronic Easy to seal bags
  • All wetted parts are made of stainless steel material that is easy to clean and cross contaminationis prohibited.

packing machine

Powder packaging machinery not only ensures hygiene and safety of products, improves the quality of products, strengthen market competitiveness, but also prolong the expiration date of product. Kos is specialized in the packaging machine for many years and has sold many packing machines such as powder packaging machine, granular packaging machine, and food vacuum packaging machines to foreigners. We are delicate to provide you superior quality with competitive price. Please visit our website: www.kosbestpacking.com.


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