[Video]How to Make Irregular Shaped Tablets with Punch Dies on Tablet Press

Before the tablet die is installed, it is necessary to cut off the power of the tablet press, remove the cover plate, the lower guide rail, the hopper and the feeder. Open the right door of the tablet machine and clean the surface of the turntable, the die hole and the punch die for installation. Apply some vegetable oil to the middle die and punch rod, and adjust the tablet thickness to more than 5.
Tablets in triangle, oval, rectangle and other geometric shapes are known as irregular shaped tablets. How do we install irregular tablet dies? First, mount the guide flat key on the upper punch rod and fasten it with a screw.

How to Make Irregular Shaped Tablets with Punch Dies on Tablet Press The upper punch rod and the middle die of the press machine must be installed simultaneously. Put the upper punch in the upper punch hole, making sure it slides up and down flexibly without any rough collision. Then lift the rod and put the middle die on it. Keep the head of the upper punch rod inside the middle die hole and the middle die must be aligned with the die hole, and the position should be leveled. Hammer the tail of the upper punch to make the middle die enter the die hole. When the middle die has entered the die hole, it is considered to be in line with the standard if its surface is not higher than the surface of the turntable. Then fasten the middle die with the screws. It meets the standard if the punch rod can slide into the middle die flexibly without any rough collision.

To install the lower punch rod of the rotary tablet press, first of all, the upper guide rail of the lower punch should be removed, and then install the lower punch rod. The lower punch rod should flexibly enter the middle die without any rough collision. When the installations of all lower punch rods are complete, fasten the upper guide rail of the lower punch to its right place with screws.

When the installation is completed, turn the hand wheel to keep the turntable rotating for 2 to 3 circles. Make sure punch dies, the upper and lower punch, also known as tablet tooling, run on the guide rails smoothly and no collision occurs. Note that when the lower punch rod rises to the highest point (i.e., the tablet outlet), it should be 0.05-0.15 mm higher than the surface of the turntable. Start the motor and keep it running empty for 5-10 minutes. It can be put into normal operation if nothing goes wrong.

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