[Video] How to install TDP-0 Handheld Pill Press

TDP-0 is popular in applications for the portability and simplicity of use it requires, with compact dimensions, light weight and manual operation.  Hence you can make candy flexibly without being restricted by geographic position. In this article, i will use a video to illustrate how to install this handheld machine with three parts.


Part One:

  1. Insert the lower punch core bar into the machine.
  2. Install the adjusting gears and twist them on the bar, twist top gear almost to the middle position of the bar, then twist on the lower gear,Leave a certain interval between the two gears for installing gear plate.
  3. Insert the lift pole into the holes.
  4. Connect the lift pole with gears by a lever.
  5. Fix them by screws, two screws from front and rear. Noted that it is better to use a hex wrench to tighten them up.
  6. Set the gear plate between two gears, fix by a screw. There should be enough space for the plate, or you need to twist up the upper gear, find the hole on the core bar, and fix a screw in it.


Part Two:

  1. Assemble the upper punch core bar.
  2. Set the eccenter into the eccentric sleeve.
  3. Connect the upper punch core bar with the eccentric set, with the function of a screw.
  4. Use a hex wrench to tighten up the screw, put them into machine TDP-0.
  5. Set the key pins into the spindle.
  6. Put the filling lifting cam on the machine.
  7. Insert the spindle into the hole, goes through from eccentric parts to lifting cam, then fix the spindle end on the another hole. This procedure needs more patience and if necessary use a hammer to help you.
  8. Set the locking baffle on the machine lateral, fix it by four screws. Then twist on the lower gear. Aiming at fastening the spindle, as well as leaving space for installing hand-wheel.
  9. Set the hand crank on the rocker, install the rocker on the machine. Fix it by screws.
  10. Try to rotate hand wheel to test whether it is connected well. Then use a hex wrench to fix all component on the spindle.


Part Three:

  1. Set upper punch tip on the upper punch core bar, fix the punch tip by wrenches.
  2. Set the lower punch tip on the lower punch core bar, use a hex wrench to fix it by a screw.
  3. Put the middle die into the base plate, use a hex wrench to fix middle die mold and base plate.
  4. Put the base plate on the table.
  5. Set the two nuts from the bottom of base plate, both fore and back nut.
  6. Tentatively rotate the hand crank, to check whether upper punch tip could perfectly punch into the hole of middle die. If not, then adjust the position of base plate, until the punch tip could straight into the hole perfectly. Then lock up the nuts under the help of wrenches.
  7. Set the feeder rocker arm on the filling lifting cam, and ix it by the screws on the machine.
  8. Insert a screw into the feeder connecting rod, connect one end with the feeder rocker arm by screws. Turn to the back of machine.
  9. Lift up another end of feeder connection rod, leaving a space, and put the bucket feeder into the space.
  10. Put a screw into a spring, and screw them up under the table. Connect all parts on the base plate by screws. You can try to rotate the hand-wheel, adjust them until everything is all right.
  11. Install the out slice spade, use a screw to fix it.
  12. Finally install a hopper into a feeder.


With the below procedures, you can press round tablets up to 12mm in diameter and 6mm thick and you can produce different size of candies on this handheld pill press.



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