Performance and Characteristics for Flat Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine

The flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is specially designed and manufactured for small pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, food factories, hospital preparation rooms, etc. Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is mainly used for packaging solid drugs and foods such as capsules, tablets, capsules, suppositories, milk tablets, candy, hardware. The equipment is referenced to the similar products at domestic and abroad. The machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in operation, simple in operation, extremely low in noise, in the form of internal heating, PVC is evenly heated, and the blister is formed very well. There is no bubble loss during shutdown and startup, and waste of packaging materials is avoided. The foaming, filling, reticulated heat sealing, printing batch number and plate blanking can all be operated continuously. It is convenient to install, debug and maintain, small in size, light in weight and low in price. It is an advanced aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine at domestic and abroad.

aluminum-plastic capsule blister packaging machine

Performance and Characteristics for the Blister Packaging Equipment:

1. Adopting the latest domestic high-power transmission mechanism, the main drive shaft is driven by the chain, eliminating the error and noise of other gear transmissions.
2. The electrical appliance adopts the imported control system, which can be equipped with the mechanical on-line detection of the missing material leakage compensation device and the missing particle detection device according to the customer’s requirements, and adopts the imported frequency conversion governor.
3. The whole machine adopts segmentation combination: PVC forming, feeding and heat sealing are one section, tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing and blanking can be divided into sections for split packaging.

PTP aluminum foil blister packaging

Technical Parameters for the Aluminum-plastic Blister Packing Equipment:


Adjustable Stroke Range: 40-120mm Clean Compressed Air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air Compressor Volume Flow: ≥ 0.4 m3/min Electric Energy Consumption: AC380V, 50Hz, 6.5KW
Mold Cooling Water: circulating water consumption 60L/h
Number of Punching: aluminum-plastic 15-50 times/min, aluminum-aluminum 15-35 times/min
Packing Material: medicinal PVC (0.2-0.4) X 260mm, PTP aluminum foil (0.02-0.05) X 260mm

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