How the Pill Press Machine TDP-1.5 works

A pill press machine is a simple mechanical machine that can be applied to compress powder into tablets. Unlike rotary tablet press, pill press is used for low-volume production of basic-shaped tablets range from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to cleaning products. It is therefore well suited to research and development departments that need to manufacture small batches of new materials, or compounding pharmacists that need to test new formulations,etc. This type of pill press is used for a wide variety of applications in view of the low cost and versatility.

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For the sake of comprehending the operation, we ought to figure out what components the pill press machine feature.

▶ A Hopper – this accommodates the granules that need to be compressed.

How the Pill Press Machine TDP-1.5 works ,single punch machine, hopper,pill press

▶The die–Powdered material falls by gravity from the hopper into the die, this mould will determine the desired shape form.

How the Pill Press Machine TDP-1.5 works ,single punch machine, hopper,pill press

▶ Capacity Regulator – this regulates the depth of loose powder in the die by adjusting the depth of the lower punch.

▶ Ejection regulator – regulates the lower punch so that when it is raised at the end of the compression, the punch is level with the surface of the die, enabling the finished tablet to be swept aside into the collecting vessel.

▶ Upper and lower punches – the upper punch provides the compressive force to press the powder granules into a tablet. The lower punch acts as a base for the die and is raised at the end of the compression phase to eject the tablet from the die.


Note that the complete compression course of pill press machine can be generalized as four movements: feeding, flatting, compressing, and ejecting. The particles will fall into middle die as the bucket feeder wobbles. After pressing into a whole pill, then it will be ejected out by lower punch and scraped off by bucket feeder.

pill press, working principle

A pill maker working program with several specific steps can be described as follows:

Stage 1 – top cam removes the punch from the mold, the bottom punch is low inside the die cavity so that the powder falls from the hopper and fills the cavity.

Stage 2 – the bottom punch regulates the required weight of material and excess powder is ejected from the die.

Stage 3 – the lower punch remains stationary and the upper punch lowers into the die to compress the powder into a tablet.

Stage 4 –the lower punch pushes upwards lifting the formed tablet from the die and ejects it out.

Before the manipulation, the operator should comprehend the instruction manual thoroughly, regular inspection and maintenance is of great significance, especially for the large amount pills production. The operator should adjust the settings and select the suitable pill press dies, to guarantee the shape, weight and size of the formed tablets. Even though the development of the machine industry has led to different types of tablet machines. But as we can see, all tablets can be manufactured by simple process of compression, you can choose the appropriate tablet making machiner that meet your production demands.



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