How many you know about the Emulsifying Mixer?

In the mixed industry, especially in the field of cosmetics, water-oil mixing, liquid mixing, and powder mixing require professional mixing equipment, and the emulsifying mixer equipment is the common equipment for mixing process. As a professional cosmetic production machinery and equipment, the emulsifying mixer machine has the core working principle of achieving the emulsified homogeneous dispersion effect on the material to be processed by the powerful motor with the rotor and stator precision matching, supplemented by vacuum agitation of the equipment. , defoaming and suitable temperature control, improve the quality of cosmetics from the aspects of stability, appearance and texture.

KOSBEST®Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer for cosmetics cream manufacturing

In the mixing industry, the types of emulsifying machines are generally defined according to the core parts. Generally, it can be divided into vacuum emulsifying mixer, pipeline emulsifying mixer and bottom emulsifying mixer. Following KOSBEST® will introduce for you:

KOSBEST®Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

KOSBEST®Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The vacuum emulsifying mixer, as the name suggests, that the material can be processed under vacuum, and the high-shear homogenizing in the emulsifying pot is performed at high speed to efficiently and quickly distribute multiple materials into another phase. This requires the powerful movement ability brought by the machine, so that the material to be processed is in a narrow space of the fixed rotor, receiving hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute, centrifugal crushing, impact tearing, etc., so that the processed materials are uniform, emulsified and dispersed. Through such a high-frequency cycle process, a high-quality material product without bubbles, stability and fineness is finally produced.

KOSBEST®Inline Emulsifying Mixer

KOSBEST®Inline Emulsifying Mixer

Inline emulsifying mixer is mainly used in industrial production to achieve product dispersion, emulsification and homogenization. The inline emulsifying mixer consists of a multi-layer dual matching combined rotating stator. The material to be processed is subjected to a layer process of shearing, dispersing and emulsification, and is then sucked into the rotor to receive hundreds of thousands of shearing actions, thereby ensuring the goal of highly dispersing the multiphase liquid and rapidly refining the fixed particles.

KOSBEST® Bottom Emulsifying Mixer

The bottom emulsifying machine is a kind of pulverizing and emulsified homogenizing mechanical device, which is generally installed under the reaction kettle. The bottom emulsifying mixer usually operates simultaneously with vertical emulsifiers, pipeline emulsifiers, etc., and more effectively solve problems that cannot be solved by other equipment, such as pulverization and emulsification of sediment at the bottom of the tank. Under the driving of the motor, the rotor rotating at high speed quickly sucks the material at the bottom of the kettle into the rotor working area of the stator. It is subjected to severe mechanical movement and hydraulic shear in a very narrow gap, causing the material to be sheared, torn and broken. At the same time, it is quickly mixed with medium and high-rise materials, and more effectively cooperates with the vertical emulsifier to complete the processes of emulsification homogenization, pulverization and mixing reaction.

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