Good Quality and Large Inventory of Pill Dies in KOS Factory

As we know how important it is to offer pill dies that you can depend on, we always take quality and service as our first top priority. For many years, KOS company has dedicated ourselves to crafting and supplying highest quality punches and dies. These quality has accelerated us to expand our business around the world. More and more customers and companies cast trust and responsibility on us. Some types of pill die are largely in stock. We could not assure that we have all kinds pill die you want. As for some special shape dies, we will custom made for you.

tablet tooling for tablet press machine in KOS Factory

► Highest Quality for Durability, productivity and longevity

Most of our dies are made by stainless steel, which is tough and easy to clean. Fabricated in good material, our pill dies are in rigorous quality so that we could stand up to tough demands of all your needs. With good harden material of our pill press dies, our dies can be said with durability.

As for productivity, we have many types of pill press machines, manual pill press machine and power-driven machines. Especially the rotary press machine and high-speed tablet press machine, they could press pills in mass production. We have to mention that multi tip tablet tooling has fast developed during these years with advanced technology. Further more, our company has a good capability for manufacturing and designing multi tip pill dies.

Every mechanical part has its life, but if with careful and correct maintenance, extending its life is not a big problem. As our KOS company have done on every part of the machine, including rust-protection and corrosion prevention before packaging, our pill die has a long life of its service time.

tablet tooling B tooling for tablet press► A Large Inventory of Pill Dies

With a large inventory of pill dies, we have a prompt service of delivering your product. For some general common dies, we could send to you the same day you place order, like round, oval, rectangle shape we are selling here. However, some special custom made shape pill dies need you to place order before we have inventory. Big order we need some time to carefully manufacture, and dispatch to you as soon as possible.

► Pill dies, punch dies and stamp dies are custom made to order

Meanwhile, we also specialize in custom made dies to meet your needs. With our full-scale plant and professional technique team, steel dies are made as your requirement. We will help in the design and then manufacture. Send us your details to our email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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